Flat Graphics 2.0

    Will be putting his creative skills to good use by working on design, UX and photography to help support our marketing team. His creative personality extends to music production and DJing in his free time.

    Likely chance is that you’re no stranger to the world of flat graphics. Flat graphic imagery can be found almost anywhere, webpages, magazines, books, advertisements, clothing, animations, cartoon characters – you get the point!

    Its most popular presence is modern mobile screens, tablets and watches, which are filled with flat graphic iconography to help users navigate through content. Thus demonstrating its dominance and popularity in modern design. 

    In short, flat graphics are beautiful and simplistic illustrations, with zero three-dimensional elements. Like marmite, you’ll find it on most supermarket shelves.

    However, flat graphics have recently evolved, pushing themselves into a new era, 
    making way for a new improved look. Introducing Flat Graphic 2.0, a somewhat modest upgrade.

    So what has evolved exactly? 2.0 has added an understated level of complexity to itself. Taking its solid colour palette to a new level of modesty. Using subtle gradient shadows, noise and multiple values of colours to create humble depth, which can enhance its appearance in UX design.

    This new appearance has already begun to create a presence online. ‘Quotesmagazine’ uses 2.0 to great effect using light gradients and shadows in its article images, whilst other sites such as ‘Cybeer Bar’ are being more bold and brash about 2.0. One thing is certain though: this new style creates a more interesting visual for audiences. 

    2.0 is a natural progression and somewhat introduces a 3d element back into play. Previously, devices and websites would be dominated by 3d tabs, icons and imagery which suggests the start of a full circle in trend. Check out the wonderful flat vs realism parallax here, to see how 2.0 is slowly taking inspiration from its 3d counter part. Could this be the early stages of a possible merge of styles?

    Flat graphic 2.0 isn’t necessarily a big milestone in design but it is simply a more playful style emerging. Design is all about creativity and from my side, anything that visually engages the user and keeps designers enthusiastic can’t be bad!